Linkedin Facts 2017

LinkedIn – Statistics & Facts 2017

LinkedIn User demographics

  • From the total internet users, 25% are LinkedIn users.
  • There are 26% man and 25% women LinkedIn users.
  • 26% of the white and Non -Hispanic as well as 22% of the black and Non -Hispanic and 22% of the Hispanic are the LinkedIn users.
  • 22% of the users are in 18-29 age group, 32% users are in 30-49 age group, 26% of the users are in 50-64 age group and 12% of the users are over 65.
  • 17% of the LinkedIn users are earning less than $30,000 per year, whereas 21% of the users are earning between $30,000-49,999 per year and 32% of the users are earning between $50,000- 74,999 per year. Most interesting part is 41% of the users are earning more than $75,000 per year!!
  • Among the LinkedIn users, there are 32% users are employed and 14% are not employed.
  • The usage of LinkedIn from urban area is 30% ,from suburban area it’s 26% and in rural area it is 12%.

LinkedIn facts and figures

  1. LinkedIn has 70% of it’s users are from outside USA
  2. There are 56% male users and 44% female users of LinkedIn
  3. After US and India, LinkedIn has largest number of users from Brazil.
  4. Every second, close to 2 users join LinkedIn.
  5. There is a remarkable hike in using LinkedIn from mobile phones of 45%.
  6. The net worth of LinkedIn in 2013 was 393 million dollars.
  7. Among the million of users, 103 million users are from USA only.
  8. The goal of the comapany is to reach upto 3 billion registered users.
  9. The users from India have risen 33.4 million.
  10. India witnessed 500% growth in LinkedIn users by 2010-2013.

Soon, we will be posting about other social networking sites like, facebook, youtube, pinterest,etc. So stay tuned!!

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